The Widow Squad

A community of widows learning new things, building friendships, and inspiring healing after loss

We bring together widows looking for support and community to learn, share and grow so that you can create life on your own terms.

We're so glad you found us

You've been searching for a place to connect with like-minded widows, learn tools and strategies for moving forward with ease, and grow your confidence for doing hard things.

You're in the right place. 

The Widow Squad membership is made up of widows just like you - young, old, with kids, without kids, employed, not employed, introverted, extroverted, remarried, you name it - trying to find their way through the confusing widowhood landscape. 

Only now you don't have to go it alone because you're surrounded by people who "get it." 

In this community, you'll learn how to design a life you want to live, find the skills to do things you've never done before, figure out who you are now that you're flying solo, learn the difference between moving forward and moving on, AND get all kinds of support along the way.

We're the Widow Squad

We Help Widows Get More Satisfaction Out of Life

We learned how to survive widowhood by accepting what is (instead of focusing on circumstances beyond our control) and we teach widows how to do that too

After years of struggling with grief and the aftermath of a spouse's death, we've learned a thing or two about widowhood. Mainly that everything will be OK. We know it's hard to believe in the beginning of your confusing, soul-crushing and anxiety-ridden journey, but it will.

The thing is, there are no shortcuts to grief. You've got to feel, absorb, and release all the feelings that come with the finality of your spouse's death. You've got to walk through the pain instead of trying to go around it. And you've got to give yourself extra grace every minute of every day that you move forward amid a devastating loss.

Is it easy? 


Is it doable? 


And we're here to help you through it. 

We want you to know that you're not alone. With so many other widows feeling the same feelings and thinking the same thoughts (even though their circumstances might be different), you'll be able to learn, share and grow together so that you can increase calm and peace, reduce anxiety, and operate on your solo journey with confidence.

Your Hosts:

Jen Zwinck the founder and host of Widow 180: The Podcast believes that every widow has the capacity to endure, the power to overcome, and the determination to create a new life with meaning and purpose.  

Knowing that self-care is absolutely essential in rebuilding a life after the death of a partner, Melissa Pierce helps transform a widow’s grief and loss to hope and healing with a variety of self-care resources including the Filled With Gold widow-curated gift boxes.

Kim Murray, creator of the popular website Widow 411, shares a no-BS version of widowhood and offers a variety of useful resources to help make widowhood suck a little less including the The Ultimate Survival Guide for Widows, an action plan to manage and complete the overwhelming post-death tasks when a spouse dies.


If you're a widow, this is where you want to be

The Widow Squad Membership is a community of widows who move through their grief in healthy, self-affirming ways and create a satisfactory life after their spouse's death. 

This community will give you the resources, inspiration and camaraderie to help you get a grip on your grief and learn how to live without your person.


Widows like you harnessing the power of social connection to normalize feelings. And thankful they don't have to go it alone

Find practical advice and resources to make sure self-care remains a top priority in your healing process.

You have lots of questions about how to do everything now that you're flying solo. And guess what? We have the answers!

In what ways can you be happy, healthy and prosperous during grief? Let's shine a light on how to enhance your well-being even when you're grieving.

Survivor benefits and insurance and mortgages, oh my! Let's discuss ways to be a financially savvy widow and manage your money like a boss.

Have a question about how to do something, handle a situation, or make a decision? Learn from other widows who have come before you.


Everything you need to achieve the results you want but are nearly impossible to get on your own without a community

Collaborate with other widows who support, encourage, and understand you

Join groups of other widows in similar life stages or areas of focus (Solo-parents, retirees, young widows, remarried, etc.)  

Stop trying to figure everything out on your own and get your "how to" questions answered in our monthly workshop series

Learn about selected topics from experts and other widows who've come before you in our monthly Guest Speaker series


A resource library filled with extra goodies like mindful meditations, journal prompts and workbooks

Special virtual and/or local events for additional opportunities to meet up and get to know your fellow members better


When you make space for grief and give yourself permission to show up in this community you'll: 

✔ Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to grieve

✔ Know how to ask for what you need

✔ Stop expecting to know how to do something before you learn it

✔ Create structure for your life and/or family

✔ Learn how to set boundaries and promote self-care

✔ Stop sabotaging your progress with unrealistic expectations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm a new widow/I've been widowed for a while. Will these topics still apply to me?

A: Absolutely! It doesn't matter how long you've been widowed. The content/resources/workshops apply to all stages of widowhood.

Q: My spouse died by suicide/cancer/heart disease/car accident, etc. Can I connect with other widows whose spouses died like mine?

A: Yes! We have Squad Pods which are subgroups focused on specialized topics.

Q: How much time do I need to commit?

A: As much as you want. There are no rules for how much or how little time you spend inside the membership. We trust that you know what's best for you and you can decide to get out of it exactly what you need.

Q: What if I don't want to participate in live meetings?

A. No one expects you to do anything you don't want to do. You can decide what participation level feels the best or makes the most sense to you.

Q: Can I join the video meetings but not show my face?

A: Of course! When you join a workshop or Zoom meeting, simply turn the video off. You can still participate by voice if you'd life, or just listen in the background.

Q: What if I can't make the live meetings/workshops?

A: No worries. Replays will be available for you to access at your leisure.

Q: Do you have local events?

A: As the membership grows, it's our goal to create local events for an opportunity to meet up in person. In the meantime, however, you can reach out to any Widow Squad members in the same geographical locations and and create your own meetups.

Q: What if I want to cancel?

A: You can cancel your membership by logging into your account and going to your Profile Image > Personal Settings > Account > Deactivate My AccountYour account will automatically be canceled at the end of the current billing period. To learn more about canceling your membership, click here.



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